The Detroit Youth Resource Alert Project (RAP)

The Detroit Youth Resource Alert Project (RAP)

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The good news is there’s a variety of people and opportunities in Greater Detroit to help our children succeed in school and life.

However, too much of the bad news is too many children fall in poor schools and on negative streets simply because we fail to place productive, positive options on their otherwise promising paths.

The Detroit Youth Resource Alert Project (RAP) is a new way to communicate with our children, families, communities and city. It’s a mobile app that consistently connects our young generation to:

  • youth-serving individuals and groups
  • youth programs
  • youth events

With a demo version currently available on Google Play Store, RAP also features a 24-hour teen hot line, job and scholarship opportunities, information on more than 15,000 colleges, universities, and technical and vocational schools, and more.

It helps us grow a better informed, supportive and collaborative youth-serving community in Greater Detroit, and encourages us all to grow brighter futures in a better, Greater Detroit.

There are now more than 275 youth resources on RAP, and we hope this list keeps growing. You can add to it at, so we give our children more choices and more children a better chance.

To learn more about the Detroit Youth Resource Alert Project, and how you can contribute to its success, call 313.342.0697.


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